Habits: Educational Technology Essay

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Educational technology computer are increasingly being incorporated with curriculum for instance using PowerPoint visual models utilize for the student which is enhancing their learning experience. some studies demonstrate dramatic increase in performance others show that its moderate the exact implications of computers are unclear the outlook of computer is promising computer in education provide drill and practice computer provide incentive to learn

Educational technology
Computers are Effective at instructing students to retain information better. Some studies show a dramatic increase in performance while others show that CAI has small to moderate-sized positive effects on achievement (Avrim, 2000).
Teachers present processes and concepts using programs such as PowerPoint, and students can utilize visual models and word processor to enhance their learning experience. The pros of using Computers helped students to use their mathematical knowledge and stimulate them into making their thinking visible (Hurme, 2005)." Tutorial programs, instructional games, problem solving games, all serve their purpose in stimulating the minds of children, but the most effective aspect of the computer is the Internet. Unlike teacher instruction, which may become tedious over time, computers provide motivation to the student to continue learning (Leu, 2000) Even from preschool, whileas CAI and the experience of a prepared educator led to significant gains in academic pursuit and knowledge (Plowman &