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Ask.FM Hack Tracker
Ask.FM Tracker is a new online hack made by the guys at leaguehacksr.us. This is for everyone who’s ever been asked a nasty question and wants to find out who asked it. I have personally found that every single other Tracker is too slow (think waiting 7 days..not fun) or just straight up doesn’t work. This does.

You can use this online hack to find the real faces behind anonymous questions, never again will you be bothered by anonymous tyrants. There’s a video right under the hack module showing you how to make best use of the tool, if you’re having trouble using it just watch the video.
How to use:
1. Enter your username.
2. Enter the URL of the question.
3. Report the person who asked you that nasty question. This tool is the only one currently working, I advise you all to take advantage of this before they start selling it.
Online Hack:


How to complete this properly: 1) Put in your first name and email here:

2) You will come to this page, go check the email you put in the first step:

3) Confirm your email by clicking the button in the email you just received:

4) Continue to the website to complete the hack:

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