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siness makes you a decent income. You save many costs that most physical business owners have to incur to run their businesses. While an online business is convenient, it is not safe. This article gives you Five Reasons Why Your Online Business Isn’t as Secure as You Think.


Your computer gets a virus and crashes. The only regret would be the work you saved on your hard disk. You will definitely regret more if any of those documents had information on your online business. This is one of the disadvantages of having an online business. Should a virus attack your laptop, you may literally lose everything. This vulnerability makes online businesses quite risky. Viruses can also steal information or finances from your business. A virus can infect any website making your online business an easy target.

Copy Cats

You have set up your online business. You are pulling a large number of traffic and making some reasonable sales every month. Within 6 months, you notice your sales are falling. A quick investigation reveals that there are 5 other copycat websites that are similar to your website. If you are in the business of selling eBooks you may find that there are copycat websites that are selling spun or rewritten versions of your books. Copying the ideas of another business is legal so there is nothing can do other than watch.


Hackers are the nightmare of any online business owner. You will definitely lose your mind when you wake up one morning to find your website is hacked. Hackers can steal sensitive information on your website.