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The Hackers/DDoSer's Behind these mysterious attacks that have been bringing down gaming servers across the world, go by the name of DerpTrolling. (their Twitter can be found at!/DerpTrolling )
The start of these attacks or the plotting of these attacks began at 11:07 AM CST on 12/30/13
When they released the tweet saying, "Something special planned for League of Legends :D" which was followed up with, "Coming soon."
3 Hours later the DerpTrolling group released a tweet stating, "Apparently the test from 2 hours ago is actually caused the NA League Of Legends login server to be #nulled."
(Released at 2:19 PM CST 12/30/13)
To further more prove that they did/do plan to take down League of Legends at 2:22 PM CST
12/30/13 the DerpTrolling crew releasd yet another tweet stating, "@LeagueOfLegends We're sorry about that, it wasn't part of the schedule..."
Later in the day at 3:02 PM CST 12/30/13 DerpTrolling release a tweet stating, "BOMBS
AWAY! DESTINATION: Eastern EU League of Legends login server!
(ON SCHEDULE THIS TIME)" Just further more proving they did have a plan and that the group known as DerpTrolling are infact capable of taking down whatever they please, at 3:30
PM CST 12/30/13 the null was lifted on League of Legends, but not before DerpTrolling released this tweet, "It appears LoL's NA login server null was lifted. We fixed that. #offline #LeagueOfLegends"
Further proving that the group will do what they please at 4:07 PM CST 12/30/13 they released a tweet stating, "TARGET ACQUIRED! (US) #offline" when I went to check was infact down.
Just moments later PhantomLord was playing Dota 2 DerpTrolling released a tweet saying,
"@PhantomL0rd no dota for you. #Offline" it did infact go…