Hackers: Computer Security and Wireless Network Essay

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If James was outside my house using my wireless network it would really make me angry. I have a lot of personal information on my computer that I don’t want others to see. I would be afraid that if they can get into my wireless network then what else can they open. I would also feel like someone was invading my privacy almost like someone breaking into your house. Your computer is suppose to be a safe area for you to do your work surf the web and whatever else it is you like to do. I wouldn’t feel safe and I would want to get the person in trouble for stealing from me.
I had no idea about security before this class however my husband did since he has a business. We use Norton to protect are computers and make sure that nothing stays open are wireless connection has a pass word that you have to have to get into it.
The security measures that are available are firewalls password protection email scanning and installing different security programs such as Norton, Mcfee, or Spy Sweeper. Using all of these or some of these will help with the protection of your wireless network and your personal information.
The wireless network that James tapped into did not have a security system such as Norton or one of the other ones. They also did not have a password securing there system. The person should have installed a security system and taken the other safety measures to protect them from someone tapping into the network they use.
I think that any security measure you take is important this days since more people are using the internet to pay bills shop and do their banking. Having the password securing the system is my