Hacking Carbon Emissions Into Minecraft

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Worksheet 3
Part A:
Title of Article: Hacking Carbon Emissions into Minecraft Author: James Smith
Date of Publication: October 24th,2011
Site: http://www.amee.com/blog/2011/10/24/hacking-carbon-emissions-into-minecraft/
Part B:
1. The registered owner of the website www.minecraft.net is Mojang. They are the company that created minecraft.
2. The website monitors public moral and legal expectations really well. In your profile with Mojang, the only people that is able to view your profile is yourself and your friends. The privacy rules which are there can not be harrasing, invading someone's privacy and Mojang is allowed to set up cookies. Also, when people post pictures or videos, there can not be any nudity. In this site, you can't download any content from the creators without giving credit to the maker of the content. Lastly, there can not be abusive language, any content with viruses and the name of the account can not offend other people or games.
3. In my opinion, the website has the right rules and monitors it really well. In this information, it can even make little kids, teenagers and adults feel safe. There will be no tolerance in hacking or foul langauage which is essential for having a good running website. Even when you create an account, no one is able to see your information unless its your friend which makes this site feel safe.
4. The game minecraft is created by Markus Persson(Notch). Minecraft was released to the public in alpha on May 17th,2009. Currently, the game is a huge success and Notch has used his money from minecraft in 2010 to create the company Mojang, so minecraft would have an official source representing minecraft. Once Notch started to get serious about the minecraft, he quit his job and spent all his time to the company Mojang and the game minecraft. On december 11th,2010