Hacking into someones mind by using Facebook? Essay

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Mallika Choudhary
Psych 001
Lab #4
Right after were born, there’s one thing we automatically start doing and that’s learning. However, learning would be unusable if we didn’t have anywhere to store all the information we were consuming and then use it later. That’s where memory comes in- Memory permits us to process and stock information, and then accesses it when we need it later.
Technology is letting scientists to read peoples minds and do other crazy stuff to our brains…like computers, human brains can be defenseless to hackers. You can think of a memory as a library. A library stores books, music, and other material. The purpose of a library is to organize, label and sort the materials so they can be recovered later. A lot of things can happen to our memory, we have no idea how it works, how it’s stored, where it’s stored. All we know is that researchers say that there are certain parts of the brain that are used in this process: Hippocampus, Thalamus, and Amygdala. If one or all of these areas of the brain were damaged, then your brain wouldn’t be able to store or recover information.
Can you hack someone's memory by hacking his/her Facebook account?
I think that hacking into a certain persons Facebook account could definitely let you into their memory/brain.
Memories aren’t only chronicles of events; but they’re also recreated in a lot of diverse ways after an event takes place. Which is dangerous because they can be distorted by numerous influences. Such as, misinformation effect (misinformation effect happens when people’s memories of incidents are inaccurate by evidence they got after the event happened), source amnesia (when people