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Hadrian was the fourteenth Emperor of Rome and ruled from the 10th of August, 117 A.D. to 10 July 138 A.D. He is known as the third of the Five Good Emperors, along with Nerva, Trajan, Antoninus Pius and Marcus Aurelius and is the one most responsible for changing the character and nature of the empire. Hadrian is most famous for building the 73-mile long Hadrian's Wall, and other significant building projects. Hadrian's full name is Publius Aelius Traianus Hadrianus and was born on January 24th , 76 AD .It's unknown where Hadrian was specifically born, some believe he was born in Rome while others disagree. His mothers name was Paulina, his fathers was Publius Aelius Hadrianus Afer. At the age of 10, Hadrian's father passed away and Trajan and Acilius Attianus became his guardians. Hadrian was well educated in his hometown of Italica Hispania which is now modern day Seville, Spain and around the age of 14 he left for Rome. When Hadrian arrived at Rome it was under rule of Emperor Nerva, who adopted Trajan as a colleague and successor. This helped Hadrian as his first military service was a tribune while Nerva was still in power. Some believe that at first Hadrian was not fit for this military position. They say Hadrian preferred the easy life, which disappointed Trajan. He was given a new job as a judge in an inheritance court in Rome. Shortly after, he acquired as a military officer in the Second Legion 'Adiutrix' and then in the Fifth Legion 'Macedonia' which helped him for a military career in the future. Eventually Nerva died and Trajan rose to the throne. In AD 100 Hadrian married Vibia Sabina, the daughter of Trajan's niece Matidia Augusta. Not long after the marriage was the first Dacian War where Hadrian played the role of a quaestor and staff officer. As the years went on Hadrian's careers grew more and more important. In the second Dacian War Hadrian was the First Legion 'Minerva' and when back at Rome, was appointed praetor. A year later he was governor of Lower Pannonia and was elected consul in AD 108. Eventually Hadrian was also chosen to be the governor of am important military province in Syria. Ultimately, Trajan died on campaign in Ciliciai n 117 AD. It is a mystery of how Hadrian rose to power after Trajan's death even though Hadrian had an important role in Trajan's reign. It's known that Trajan respected Hadrian and had considered him as his successor even if he did not officially name him as his. Hadrian chose as his official title Imperator Caesar Traianus Hadrianus Augustus but was mostly known as Hadrianus Augustus. His popularity as emperor is known by the fact that Hadrian was absent from Rome for the better part of his reign. From the beginning of his rule Hadrian made it clear that he was 'his own man,' but he did have a shaky start. Hadrian had not arrived in Rome yet and four senators, all ex-consuls, were dead for plotting against him. These men were of high positions in Roman society. But this 'affair of the four consulars' was strange due to the fact Hadrian denied it was him who did this crime. Despite the dreadful beginning of his reign, Hadrian verified to be a highly efficient ruler. Army discipline was strengthened as well as border defenses He also extended the alimenta, Trajan's welfare program for the poor. Hadrian tried to prove to his people that he cared by traveling all over the Empire visiting the provinces, looking over the administration, and checking the discipline of the army. He cared to the army so much that he would sleep and eat with the common soldiers and he is usually characterized in military clothing even though his reign was known as peaceful. Hadrian is mostly known for his building projects. He set up cities in the Balkan Peninsula, Egypt, Asia Minor, and especially Greece. Ever seen he was little Hadrian had an extensive love for Greek literature so much that he was