Hae Lee Case Study

Words: 2011
Pages: 9

Episode 1: Was the report of Hae Lee being manually strangulated presented before Jay testified against Adnan? In addition, did Jay get cut some deal? If Jay and Adnan were friends why would he make up such an elaborate story if it did not happen? Were they not able to find any DNA evidence from the crime scene or off of her body? Do you think it’s possible Adnan’s initial lawyer threw the case since she never contacted the alibi? In my opinion, they did not have enough evidence, guilty or not, to charge Adnan since they are relying on a statement of a person who claims to be his ex-friend. I also wonder if they had any other leads before Jay came forward. I think that it was weird timing that Asia finally reached out, and was able to descriptively remember that day as if it were yesterday. Did the cops ever stop to question Jay as the main suspect since he had such an elaborate story? Additionally, I think it was weird that Asia was never approached to testify that she saw Adnan at the library when the crime supposedly went down.

Episode 2: Was Jay under the influence (smoking weed) the day that he claimed to be help bury the body with Adnan? Why did no one else seem to think that the break-up was vicious besides Jay? What motive would Jay
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While the AT&T contract provides insight into a potential story about the 3:32 call not being answered it still seems to be unlikely to me. In addition, Jay seeming scared at the porn store to Josh and not as much on tape seemed like he did that to have a person who could back him up. This case is a mess, it has so many inconsistencies that I do not believe Adnan, guilty or not, should have been charged. With the little amount of hard evidence, they did have, it makes me wonder why they never tested the DNA. I am very curious to know the results of the DNA and to see if the Ronald Lee Moore guy is in fact a