Hahaha: Change and Sheila Mant Essay

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Love can come in many different ways, shapes, and forms. In the story “The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant,” the narrator was having a tough time choosing between something he loves to day and the girl that he has been liking all summer. In the story " Catch the Moon” Luis changes from the begging of the story were he was a mean and troubled little kid to for the fist time in his life since his mom passed away that he did something good for someone.

The narrator and Shelia Mant.The narrator has to choose between Sheila Mant and the fact that he might have to give up the one thing that he loves fishing. he ends up giving up the fish for the girl and every since then he has regretted it.The narrator changed because he now understands that their other Sheila Mants in the world.People shouldn’t try and change the way they are for other people, also people come and go but only stay true to yourself and that's all that matter.

The main characters of catch the Moon are Naomi and Luis.Every since Luis mom died he became a troubled kid and he joined a gang and was in and out of court. Then he meet Naomi and the night he found him self crying he realized that she was there looking at him but not laughing. she was drawing a picture of him but a good picture and at the end he ended up doing something good for someone and that is something he haven't done in a long time.Luis changed because he went from being mean a stilling form people to actually doing something nice for