Hahaha: Heart and Narrator Shines Essay

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Symbols | Denotation | Explain what it represents | | A lamp with a transparent case protecting the flame and a handle by which it can be carried or hung | The narrator shines lantern on the old man’s eye for seven nights, only to find that the eyes are closed or not because he want to kill the eye not the old man.He keeps the light lantern away from the old man eye. | | A bird that eats the dead bodies of other animals | The narrator feels scared whenever he sees the eyes of the old man.He wants to kill the eye.Whenever he goes to find the old man’s eye closed so he don’t kill the old man.But on the 8th night when he opens the door and enter the room he saw that his eyes are opens so he kills him. | | The clock tells us the time and also tell us about day and night. | He woke up from his sleep every night at midnight. He killed the old man and he takes out the three planks from the floor and buried his body under it then he fixed it.He finished it at four o’clock. | | The human heart is an organ that pumps the blood in the body.It is one of the most important organ of the body. | His head start aching and he heard a ringing sound in his ears but he still keeps on talking with the cops.The ringing sound became more louder but he still chatted.He still talked to get rid of it but it keeps on increasing.He keeps on talking and the sound was getting louder and louder.It was the beating of the old man’s heart.He told the cops that he killed the old man