Hahaha: Social Network Aggregation and Time Online Essay

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19 April 2013
Dangers of Social Media
Sometimes social networks are all fun and games until one starts to deal with the conflicts that cause people not to use them. Why would someone not have a social networking site? People have many reasons why they do not have one. Some of the dangers of using social media are fear of missing out, online predators, and cyber-bullying. One needs to be aware of these dangers before using social media to avoid problems.
One danger of using social media is a fear of missing out. Sometimes it is hard to not have a social network when friends and family have them, according to Robin M. and Samantha Henig. This information is important because one can eventually make friends online but eventually get addicted to it and make new friends but then tend to forget about one’s old ones. This also shows that people may get along better than others on social media. Some people spend too much time online. This information is important because other friends may feel left out while you are online. Sometimes something such as drama will start on a social network so some people who don’t have a networking site are more prone to drama than others without one. Some of society may surround their life with the social media. Some people get addicted to the social media. Being addicted to the sites is something that can be easily taken care of which is by not having one in the first place. As a result, social media is dangerous because the social media might be pulling you away from more important matters.
Another danger of using social media is online predators with fake profiles because they could lead to multiple things. There are over hundreds of fake profiles and predators online, even when are unaware of them. You can never tell who is fake online or not. The dangers of this are the offenders will use fake profiles to try and make friends with you to get your personal information. It is also hard to distinguish a real profile from a fake one. The profiles could look so much alike to real ones. Predators will try to gain your trust then use the personal information you give them against you. Some kids go online and make fake profiles also. Fake profiles can not only be dangerous they can cause pain to others. The danger of online predators are just another reason not to have a social networking site.
The last danger of