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Derek Beeler
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Radio Free Europe started broadcasting in 1950, thats during cold war. People were asked to donate “Truth Dollars” to fight communism, this article was used for Americans to portray the communist as bad people. But I am using this for the communist. This shows that they had a point or a reason to believe that Americans were just all about money because they wanted to people to give money. This is propaganda is advertising for help to stop the communist. I think that this news paper article could have been more effective with more information behind what a “Truth Dollar” really was. I think they didn’t say a whole lot about it because they just wanted to to get money so they could proceed with what they wanted the money for. It would’ve also been help if they explained how they were going to stop the communist with the “Truth Dollars”. This article could be used today for the issues we have with Iraq and with a little more information behind it would be very effective.

Russia invades America and its central-America allies (1984). This is media advertising propaganda and I think that is pretty effective because people enjoy watching movies. People let their imagination wonder when they movies that can relate to real life situations. This film was created by America and it orignated from the cold war. The movie is about Americans dropping into the war zone to help the fight against the communist. This film is intended for the American Audience. The film was made in the early 1980’s. this film involves the Russians and the Americans. This film is pretty truthful but im sure that they add some patriotic theme or scene for the Americans to make them seem like more of heros and to put down the communist. It was a pretty good movie, they are actually coming out with a remake of this film this year with a new cast and some more action to film but still the same concept. This could be used in reference today if we made a film about us invading Iraq…