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1.0 Summary of report In this report, it will introduce a famous Chinese electric appliances organization—Haier, which has involved into a giant multinational corporation, revealing that different environmental force, including economic, political, cultural and social and technological factors have had an impact on Haier’s operation and strategies. Besides, the report will also formulate some strategies that expect to enable Haier can adapt the changing competitive environment, sustain and grow the business constantly. Meanwhile, Haier should realize the internal unique strengths and weakness itself, seizing some helpful external opportunities and finding out the threats it should counter.
2.0 Introduction
2.1 A Brief
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So we can see that global economy is becoming closer and closer, which shows a closer integration trends around the world. Russell Flannery (2008) showed that after China joined into WTO, it offered a good economic chance and background for Haier to develop. Meanwhile, Haier plays an extremely important role in Chinese economy, because it offers an insight into the changes washing across the Chinese economy. Haier's arrival as a serious brand player in the global appliance business--it has plants in 13 countries and sells its products in more than 160 signals .Winning domestic brands, such as Haier and the computer maker Legend, will increasingly turn outward for growth, as they face the prospect of more foreign competition on their own turf following China's admission into the World Trade Organization.
"China's entry into the WTO will dramatically change the business landscape in an economy that the world is counting on for growth in the coming years" says Ming-Jer Chen, a Chinese management expert, a business professor at the University of Virginia and the author of a new book, Inside Chinese Business. "Because of its size and large range of products it sells, Haier is going to be at or near the center of what's happening in China's economy. In other words, what they do will have a big impact on foreign companies that are looking to succeed in