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Witch craft, being able to predict the future, convincing somebody that there meant to be great, is exactly what can lead to a person’s downfall. Who wouldn’t want to know how there life is going to turn out, how they’re going to die, how successful they will be. If you know you can achieve it you’ll make it happen, but during the process you’ll forget about karma and soon be put to a stop, and that’s exactly what happened to Macbeth. He was told those things and with the help of greed and a manipulative wife he accomplished what was told, but of course all of it came with a price.
Wives are supposed to be by your side, support you with your decisions, and lead you to a right path. Lady Macbeth on the other hand, got the leading to the right path right, but getting there was all her doings. She knew how to manipulate Macbeth, by saying the right things. She’ll question his man hood saying he’s not a man “When you durst do it, then you were a man..” When he kills Duncan then he’ll be a man. Till then she sees him as a coward. With said, Lady Macbeth was a big part that lead to the downfall of both of them.
As well as having a manipulating wife, the witches were what really set it off. They’re the ones that told Macbeth he’ll be king “All hail Macbeth! That shalt be king here after!” Banquo didn’t really care with what was said by the witches, but Macbeth took it to the heart and knew if it’s predicted, it can happen and he’ll make it happen. So because of the witches, Macbeth did the things he had to do to reach the point of becoming king. With being told nothing can destroy him or dethrone him he knew it’ll be possible. Under those circumstances, Macbeth had no clue that because of them he’ll be killed.
Therefore, with Macbeths mindset that nothing can destroy him he does start to go a little crazy and began to fear that someone will come along and put a stop to what he’s doing. With him killing people that could be a threat to him, he did one thing that sparks the ignition that led to his