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Health and Safety
In the essay I will be explaining the importance of health and safety in a salon in a work place or college environment. I will also what is included in a good consultation and the importance of doing a thorough consultation as well as describing the different tools, techniques, equipment and products used during a GH10 service as well as the GH8 unit explaining shampooing and conditioning and treating the hair and scalp as well as condition treatments and importance of choosing the right shampoo’s. There will also be a section showing how English and Maths relates to Hairdressing at college, at work, as a trade and how it relates to all aspects of Hairdressing.
As an employee at a salon or a hairdressing student in a college salon, it is important that you remain safe and that you are aware of the health and safety acts and laws that you have to comply with in a work based environment. For example, to abide by the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Act 2003 (C.O.S.H.H) you must store hazardous products, such as peroxide, in a safe place. It is also important to keep all work stations clean and sterile to minimise the risk of cross infection. If a client has come in and you find head lice, whether you carried out a service or not it is important to sterilize the chair, work station, trolley, mirror, any equipment you have used (for example combs, clips etc) and to thoroughly wash your hands. This is also a reason it is very important to wear Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E) for example gloves. This is to protect yourself from damage to your skin from dangerous chemicals. It is also important to gown your client correctly so no harm comes to them.
Another important way of working safely in a salon is to thoroughly dry your hands and apply a barrier cream after coming in contact with water. This is to help prevent the risk of getting contact dermatitis, which is a skin condition that affects mostly Hairdresser’s, Cleaners and Nurse’s. This can affect the way you work as it causes itchiness and irritation.
There are many risks that can occur in a salon. Here is a table showing the risk, the hazard and how to avoid it.
How to avoid
Hair on floor
You could slip, trip or fall
Make sure you sweep up all hair immediately after completing a cut and if you see any hair on other station also sweep it up.
Faulty electrical equipment
Could electrocute yourself
Label, Report and Remove.
Water on floor behind basin
Could slip
Wipe up the second you notice it.
Chemical Spillage
Could get on your skin
Report to your salon manager immediately as a cleaner needs to deal with this kind of spillage.

In a salon it is important that the owner/ manager carry out regular risk assessment forms. This is to identify any risks, potential hazards, specific manufacturer’s instructions, disposal details and expiry dates on any hazardous products or equipment that you are likely to use during your working time. You have to clearly state the product and instructions and what risk the product could cause. It is also important that you are aware of the different symbols around your salon and what they mean, for example the symbol for corrosive or dust.
Completing a consultation is a very important part of any hairdressing service. This is where you find out exactly what the client wants, if the client has any contra-indications and where you make your client feel comfortable and where you make your client trust you. Finding out whether your client has any contra-indications is a very important part of any consultation. Contra-indications could include head lice, open cuts and impetigo. If you notice a client has any of these, you unfortunately cannot proceed with the service as you could now be in danger of catching something of the client, especially if it is in the contagious stage. It is important that if you come into contact with a client that has one of…