Hair Dye Synthesis Essay

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“The bottom line is that how your face looks can significantly influence the success of an interview,” says Mikki Hebl, a professor from the Rice University of Psychology. For example, dressing in a suit and tie gives off a business/casual outlook whereas jeans, flannels, and boots give off the effect of a ranch hand or maybe working on a farm. An outer appearance gives off a personal effect on the human eye and then perceives the thought as an opinion. To some degree all people are judgmental, but it is up to that person to dress appropriately for the event or job title. As children get older, new interest starts to spark their intuitive mind. Whether it be a new trend or the latest phone on the market, wandering minds tend to find their …show more content…
Stating in the ‘Trend in Use of Hair Dye’, “Coloring of hair signifies a major step in self-expression which has recently been influenced by innovative science” (6). Celebrities such as Katy Perry, Lady GaGa, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have dyed their hair unnatural colors for several reasons. Some for ethnic backgrounds, some for pop culture, and others? Just for fun. Thinking realistically, not everyone can turn into a celebrity just by a wild hair color or their outgoing personality. The probability of being famous can run in many ways and vary in time.As the statistics and probabilities show, celebrities do not gain immediate success just by who they are or what they are known for; then why is an individual taking an unorthodox fashion into a formal job setting? “A questionnaire pertaining to use of hair dyes and reactions… was administered randomly” (Trends in Use of Hair Dye 1) for both genders of 18 years and older were surveyed that regarded indigenous information about their choice of hair dye, what colors, and how frequently their hair needs to be dyed. The results were prosper as it determined that 72% of participants needed to repeat the dying process of their hair because of mistakes (Trends in Use of Hair Dye). Not only is hair dying a waste of time and money, it shallows many opportunities for a career. Professionalism comes in many shapes and sizes, but wild hair with outgoing personalities are not on the agenda as it can become hazardous in a person’s health and unethical in a professional