Hair Vs Home Box Color

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A way to express yourself is through your hair, whether it is a new style or color. Why people prefer Salon hair color versus home box color.

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One way we express who we are is through our hair, whether it’s a haircut, style or particularly the color.Why do people prefer to use box color at home? Is it the inexpensive box color at the retail or grocery store that seems so appealing? Does the internet or TV ads make the at home box color look easy, inexpensive and portray your hair to be beautiful? Do you relate with the models or celebrities in the ads? Of course the model or celebrity may have used the box color on their hair for the ad, but their professional stylist/colorist performed the service for them.Why do people prefer to have a professional stylist/colorist? Is it beautiful great hair with shine and condition of their hair? What about proper care of your hair? Is it the blend of the color for a shade just right for you? Is it the expression of our self with the blending of color with cut and style? Beautiful great hair color comes first from proper care and condition of the hair. This is one difference of salon color versus box color. The professional hair stylist/colorist provides you with services to balance the needs of protein and moisture in the hair which affects the results of your hair color. A strand of hair approximately consists of 85% to 97% protein (keratin) and moisture. Only 1% is natural color pigment. Secondly, if considering coloring your hair yourself, instead of professionally, think again and take time to consider if your hair is damaged, has unbalanced moisture and protein, if you’re wanting to lighten your hair several shades, or you’re a brunette and want to be blonde. Even if your hair doesn’t appear to have any red tones in it, all dark hair contains red pigment. Therefore, when lightening your hair, it may likely turn your hair an unattractive shade of orange. Or, maybe you already colored your hair and messed up and you need it fixed. Attempting to correct your mistake will only make it worse and more expensive to have it professionally corrected.Having limitations, the box color you buy at the store is exactly that. It is generic and for anyone; in addition the ingredients tend to be more damaging to the hair. It’s formulated to work on almost any hair type, uses higher