Benefits Of Credit Cards

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Haleigh lesson 87
You can stay in shape with a brisk walk three tiems a week.
You can stay in shopw with a brisk walk three times a week.
Dr. Baxter was quick to analyze the ofur major food groups.
We now have two kittens I adopted after they were deserted.
We now have two kittens I adopted after they were deserted.
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Donald and Darlene apid $5.08 for 4 pamphlets @ $1.27 each.
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The term credit means buying now pauing later. It is similar to norrowinf casj. One reason people use credit is because they fo not have the cash to pay for something at athe time they want to buy it. Many people now use credit cards to purchase things. Credit cards are easy to obtain and use, and peole are quick to use the as borrowed money for extra things they cannot afford. They build up debts they just cannot pay. People of all ages and all income levels can easily get into debt with credit cards. They do not realize that using credit comes with a high price. Often, cardholders pay finance charges of interest on unpaid bills for their purchases. In spite of this, most people will need to establish a good credit record. They will need a steady job with stable income, and they must prove that they will repay any money they borrow. Once people have htier good credit ratings, they msut maintain them.

Ms. Kateri Tahoma
Administrative Assistant
Diabo Construction Company
330 Cooper Avenue
Lincoln, NE 68506
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