Haley on Hacker Article Review Essay

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Justin Angelo
Oct. 30th, 2012
Haley on Hacker Article Review In the article I read, the South Carolina agency web site has been hacked and millions of social security numbers and credit and debit card numbers belonging to approximately 77 percent of South Carolina residents have been compromised. 387,000 credit and debit card numbers and 3.6 million social security numbers, all unencrypted, have been exposed. Haley said she knows where the attack came from, but would not reveal the location of the hacker so the investigation would not be put in jeopardy. "I want this person slammed against the wall," said Haley. "I want that man just brutalized."
This article is very shocking because the outcome of this situation can possibly affect all of us in SC. Officials found out about the breach on October 10. Investigators uncovered two attempts to hack the system in early September, and later learned that a previous attempt was made on August 27. That makes my family feel a hundred times more vulnerable to identity theft. Identity theft on this level is very dangerous. I hope we are not affected by this guy stealing information from the state agency. This article makes me question if it is possible to keep information safe? If the hi-tech professional state security system was hacked, other systems must be a piece of cake to hack. Maybe after brutalizing this guy, they should hire him to protect us from other hackers. I can conclude that identity theft can happen at any