Hall Of President Essay

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In warm Orlando, Florida, the sun shines on a colonial style building. This building bears a similar resemblance to Independence Hall where the Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence and committed the highest treason against the King of England. Deep in the heart of Disney’s Magic Kingdom lies The Hall of Presidents a unique and beautiful way to look back at our nation’s history. Passing through the halls, patrons see the history of America and the struggles the nation has encountered over the last 239 years. One of the more thrilling experiences within The Hall of Presidents is a stage, full of life-sized animatronics representations of all 43 Presidents.
However, the absence of women from the hall speaks more volume
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This was a historic moment for women with the ambition to run for elected office even though she received no electoral votes and did not appear on the ballot in many states. While much has changed since 1872 for women, they still have yet to hold the Office of the Presidency.
The 2008 Presidential Elections showed the country the possibility of a woman holding a position in the Executive Office was not too far off in the future. During the Democratic primaries, Hillary Clinton held her ground against the gaining Barack Obama, only dropping out of the race in June just two months’ shy of the Democratic National Convention. John McCain, after securing the 2008 Republican nomination and selected Alaskan Governor, Sarah Palin, to be the Republican Vice Presidential Candidate.
What happened? Hillary Clinton, who in early in the primaries was the Democratic hopeful and was neck and neck with Obama in the poles. Why did Clinton lose so much political ground during the primaries? For Sarah Palin, she is only the second woman to ever be nominated as a vice presidential candidate on a major party nomination. Truth of the matter is none of these women stood a chance against the negative representations they received from the news