Hallelujah Literary Techniques

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Literary Analysis of Hallelujah
As humans we are in a constant search for love, not the loosy used and abused love, but the unconditional neverending love. That's what true love is, not some fairy tale life that never knows pain, but agape love. In his song Hallelujah, Leonard Cohen applies emphasise in his song with alliteration, creates a true and raw image of faith through symbolism by Hallelujah, and he uses metaphors to clearly exemplify his message that we must have faith in the Lord because his love is the only one that won't fall short, it’s the only unconditional love we can truly receive.
When it comes to portraying your theme in a song it is important to stress key words and phrases to successfully depict the meaning. Cohen used alliteration to emphasise his message about faith. In line 4 he says “ the fourth, the fifth” and “the minor fall, the
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In lines 16 and 17 the author says “ I've seen this room and I've walked this floor/You know, I used to live alone before I knew ya”. In this metaphor the author is really saying he has had a relationship with God and lived for him, he used to be lonely before he knew the love of God. The author is using this metaphor to help the listeners connect to the song if they don't have a connection with God, this is another way for them to connect even if they haven't experienced a religious affair. In line 30 and 31 it says “ But all I've ever learned from love/Was how to shoot somebody who outdrew ya”. This metaphor talks about how worldly love will always hurt you. Which is a way that the author is showing the opposite of what God is for you. In this he is talking about something that all of us can relate to, he is connecting to the readers on a deeper level. Because everyone has experienced a loss in love whether it be a friendship or a relationship the author knows people will be able to