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There should really be a disclaimer for all of the Disney High School Musical, ABCs Glee and every other teenage television shows. It should just flash in a bold red warning us that high school is absolutely nothing like what is about to be shown. No one breaks out into song in the cafeteria, we don’t count popularity on if you landed the lead role for the school play, no one has BFFs that will never turn their back on you, you can’t stop a mean girl from picking on you by standing up to her, you aren’t going to a perfect relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend and have candle lit dinners and kisses in the rain. Nothing happens like that at the high school I went to at least. No, high school is a battle field. The only way I believe to survive it is homeschool or online school. I have been in public school since the get go, and if I being really honest with myself, the madness really started out around middle school, but high school is where it gets intense. Work really starts to crack down when you become a freshmen, you have to really start doing work. You can’t just show up and get an A for just being there and attempting. You also are put into this new intimidating building that where you are no longer top dog, like you were for middle school. It also happens to be when everyone is at that awkward stage when you so insecure and you will do anything to feel good about yourself, try to be friends with anyone who will accept you, even if it’s not the real you, and get a lot of likes on your overly edited selfies on Instagram. For my freshmen year, well it’s kind of a blur. They don’t lie when they says it goes by fast, and the worst part is that there is no try again button like your Candy Crush app. I don’t believe that I lived up to my full potential during that year. I had always got decent As and Bs, but being put into this battle called public high school, made it a million times more difficult than ever before. Not only the work got harder, but so did fitting in socially. I had no idea who I was, what I wanted or who my true friends were. I found it hard to juggle my school work and social life. I began to slowly slip into the not so good crowd and give up to peer pressure. At the time, I was not aware of what was happening at all. I just knew getting teased and bullied was just…sucked. I don’t know how else to put it really. So I just molded myself into someone I was not, just to fit into a group of people and just have the sense of belonging. I was weak and I couldn’t handle the mess that high school was putting on my plate. I think I had my big blow up this summer and all of my skeletons and lies of who I was making myself out at school to be came out. And if I really look back at it, I’m glad that I was removed from the catastrophe of public school, because if I wasn’t, I know that I couldn’t have made it. This is why I believe that the only way to survive high school is homeschooling or online school. At first when I heard about online school, I just cringed. Being alone for hours and just staring at a computer? Yeah, not