Hallucination and Charles Bonnet Grandfather Essay

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Reflection on schizophrenia
Hallucination is experiencing something that is not at the present time. Oliver Sacks said hallucination could be different, they don’t seem to be around creation or under control, and they seem to come from the outside and to mimic perception. He talked about a particular kind of hallucination which is caused by Charles Bonnet Syndrome, a condition that causes patients with visual loss to have a complex visual hallucination. Most patients with Charles Bonnet Syndrome are those who are visually impaired and hallucinating is the only way they could see. Hallucination could be very unusual, abnormal, and random and it could happen in a split second.
Charles Bonnet grandfather had some hallucination, and in 1759 he described to his grandson some of the things he was seeing. One of the things he said was “he saw a man smoking a pipe, and he realized it was himself.” This could mean that he once thought about actions or specific things that could happen to him in the future or could have happened out of randomness. Zelda asked “Am I going crazy,” when she was at the musical theatre, then suddenly an explosion of colors burst from the cotton, she saw giant roses and they seem to move fast in the air towards her, she closes her eyes but they were still there. Sometimes Zelda saw simple geometrical patterns on the wall and people’s faces would occasionally change and become like gouge oil. I think the reason behind this hallucination is; it could have been the thoughts she had when she was a child.
Elyn Saks was diagnosed with schizophrenia and she had all these confusion, bizarre images and was frightened and she had night mares that never go away. She graduated from Yale law school in 1980s, her therapist helped her through her psychotic episodes but he decided to shut down his practice. As