Hallucinations In Schizophrenic Patients

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Schizophrenic patients are easily affected by hallucinations. Thoughts of sights, smells and feelings that do not exist, occupy their minds. They get confused easily because they can hear people or mystical creatures talking to them. If this happens, they can even become dangerous and attack others if they feel threatened and want to protect themselves.

3-Disorganized speech
Also known as neologism, a disorganized speech is an apparent symptom of schizophrenia. The patient who faces difficulty in organizing his or her thoughts deems it difficult to formulate words. This makes it even harder for the people around him to understand the needs of the patient.

4-Disorganized behavior
Disorganized behavior is the result of a muffled
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There are several ways through which a schizophrenic patient can be treated. The first and most effective form of treatment is the psychological therapy. Even though, it is very complex and difficult to treat schizophrenic patients psychologically, this is the form of treatment which is best effective if coming from the ones who are closest to the patients.
In this respect, the families and therapists of the patients can take help from the cognitive therapy. This therapy is based on fighting with the negative thoughts and illusions that arise in the minds of the schizophrenic patients. To counter these thoughts and to bring positive change in the behaviors of the schizophrenic patients, their families and therapists need to motivate and encourage them too.
“Cognitive therapy, irrespective of the specific treatment focus, works best when the therapist and patient are engaged in the effort, share responsibility for progress, and are motivated to work toward mutually generated goals” (Beck, 2009).
In addition to the psychological or cognitive therapy, there are two more types of very effective therapies which can be used to treat schizophrenic patients.
A. Psychosocial
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4. Case study:
For this paper I have selected the case study of Schizophrenia: A Case Study of the Movie a Beautiful Mind by Francine R. Goldberg. The writer has studied the movie and the character of John Nash by applying the studies of the disease and its effects on the patient and the people around him. John Nash was a real life mathematician and a Nobel laureate. He was affected by Schizophrenia at a later stage of his life due to which he had to suspend his research work. However, after recovering from the disease, Nash continued contributing to the field of mathematics.
The autobiographical movie A Beautiful Mind is thus studied by author Francine R. Goldberg in his book Schizophrenia: A Case Study of the Movie a Beautiful Mind to not only reflect on the life of John Nash but also to provide insight on the disease of schizophrenia. The case study “brings the diagnosis of schizophrenia to life with its scene-to-scene information about the movie” (Goldberg,