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Halo 4: A new generation of gaming
By: Connor Keehn
Halo has been being built up by media attention for the past couple of months. Master chief, the main character you control, and Cortana, the guidance droid helping you through the game, are finally back and ready to brawl against the enemy forces trying to take over the world. With weapons of mass destruction, the fearless warrior you control in the game is ready to brawl against the new/ancient aliens with a whole new attitude towards the universe. The question to ask is though is how is this halo different from the previous three and is it worth buying? My answer to this question would be yes. Ranging from the graphics to the game play, 343 industries, the creators of the game, totally gave Halo a huge makeover. This is what people have been waiting for, and it is here being released on November 6th, 2011. Halo has been apart of my life just as much as any other enthusiastic gamer, which means that we have played it very much, and it has grown to be one of the most well known games in the game industry. When you buy Halo 4, 343 industries brings you a whole new game play and brand new multiplayer game opportunities. Yet this campaign mode is much shorter then the other three Halos’ created by Bungie, it still has the extreme action packed feeling and keeps you on your toes at all times. 343 Industries brings in a completely new type of alien and system of gameplay. The previous Halo’s have been straightforward “first-person shooter” games. While Halo 4 shares the “first-person shooter” aspect, but also relying more on mystery, exploration and discovery. This keeps the gamer on his toes constantly searching for the next objective and almost grasps you and doesn’t let you put down the game until you have beaten it.
The other multiplayer options are what sets 343 Industries Halo 4 apart from Bungie’s other Halo’s. In Halo 4, they almost took a turn towards the Call of Duty, another “first-person shooter” game, feature of special op’s, another separate multiplayer game play full of missions that you can do besides the campaign mode. Of course there is still the old online multiplayer player vs. player option on the game just with enhanced guns and it seems that they have found a faster way to enter online games. Thus being said, this may attract many gamer’s attention, because lets be serious, nobody likes waiting around in match lobby waiting for a game to pop up.
Although this game sounds spectacular so far, there are some drawbacks that I have found while playing Halo 4. One being the auto save feature. The auto save feature is what saves the game automatically while you gain progress going through the campaign mode. While I was playing the game, it tended to be a bit faulty and spawn me at spots at I have never been to before and therefore I had to exit the game and re-enter it. The other drawback that I found also