Hamet Film Writing Assignment Essay

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Madi Gonsalves
Mrs. Bruszski
R1/ Hamlet Film Writing Assignment
December 2014

1) To create our reenactment of Hamlet’s soliloquy in Act 3 Scene 2 we watched several videos to see how the interpreted the play before we created our own. The one that inspired us the most was David Tennant, Patrick Stewart, & Penny Downie’s video. The element of the film that best illustrated my understanding of the play was how the actor used his tone in voice, how long he drew out the words, and his overall reactions while speaking the soliloquy. In this particular film Hamlet was found speaking into a camera almost contemplating ideas with random bursts of anger and deep thought. This seemed to make the greatest connection to the play and made the most sense to me because in the play he is going over how he should deal with his mother, which I interpreted as full of anger but with random moments of deep thought and realization that he couldn’t do this to his mother.

2) The most interesting choice that David Tennant, Patrick Stewart, & Penny Downie made in interpreting the play that stood out to me was the fact that Hamlet was recording his thoughts. He had it setup almost like a video diary as he spoke aloud his thoughts into a video camera. Maybe the director did this to hint that Hamlet wanted to look back on his thoughts or even want someone to find them later in the play. I believe this was a smart choice because it brought a more modern interpretation of the play to the viewer and