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Isah Ouldtaki
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1. Hamlet is very caring, understanding to an extent, and an extremist. Hamlets traits truly comes out when he questions everything, even about death. I would say these traits are positive because anyone who witness their mother marrying their uncle and having their father die in the same mist would have a lot of questions as well. 2. Yes, I do believe these problems are accurate enough for him because this is how he feels inside about his mother and the thoughts running through his head for example
Scene 2, Act 1 he talks about his mothers grieve on his father and quoting even a beast would mour a little longer, as in even the most cold hearted person would have felt depressed or sad about their husbands death and not remarry within a month let alone marrying their husbands brother. 3. I think Hamlet is very sympathetic because he still feels for his father and also feels some time of forgiveness of his mother after her horrible doing. I disagree with Hamlet trying to commit suicide I feel like that is being too extreme and if it’s killing you that bad inside about your mother marrying your uncle and having an idea they were in on his murder, then Hamlet needs to take himself out that situation by focusing on something else. Finding answers are just hurting him. 4. Hamlet acts cruel towards Ophelia mainly because he had very deep love for her and is confused because she is not revealing a real person in his eyes for his sake. He loves his mother, but she betrayed him by Hamlet finding out the truth on his father, its kind of heard to let someone else betray him at this time. I don’t see Hamlet is a different way because Ophelia should feel ashame betraying Hamlet at this sad time for him by having Polonius spying on him.

5. At first Hamlet is wild, confused, and emotional. For example when he returns from
England he is more calm and focus on what’s happening and not really getting worked up over everything, but he still has a little crazy in him after finding out about his loves death. Fighting and acting unstable at her grave gave him a twist on his character. Or he could’ve been planning to act that way in front of his uncle. 6. Claudius is selfish and greedy, To me he does not have a heart to kill his brother, if he wanted to marry his wife so bad they should’ve ran away together not kill his brother and leave his son unstable. Claudius lust for power in any way, the only thing redeeming about him is his deep love