Essay on Hamlet and Ophelia

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Act 1, Day 2, Scenes 3-5 summary
The scene opens with Laertes and Ophelia entering into Polonius’ chambers. Laertes says bye to his sister as he is about to depart for France but warns her about falling in love with Hamlet. Laertes says that Hamlet cannot love her as he should because he was born into a higher class and Hamlets position of power won’t allow him to lover her as he should. Ophelia tells Laertes that she will keep his advice as her brother but tells him to not give her advice that he himself does not follow. Polonius enters as Laertes finishes their conversation, telling Ophelia not to worry about him. Polonius then proceeds to tell Laertes he needs to hurry but then stops him to give him some advice. Polonius tells Laertes to keep his thoughts to himself, don’t act on impulse, treat others as a friend but keep vulgarity out, not to be so quick at making new friends, try to refrain from a fight but if you have no choice then fight boldly, listen more than talk, dress with expensive but not flashy clothing, and last and most importantly, be true to himself. Laertes then leaves and Polonius asks Ophelia what they were talking about. She say that it involved Hamlet and then Polonius repeats Laertes’s warning. She then says that she will obey his word. The next scene is at the guard platform and Hamlet, Horatio, and Marcellus enter. They wait for the ghost to appear when they hear trumpets and gunfire. Hamlet explains that the new king is having a party because it is the Danish custom. Hamlet expresses his dislike for the custom and says that it makes the nation look bad and lessens the achievements that they make. The ghost appears and after Hamlet asks it what it wants the ghost tells Hamlet to follow him. Horatio and Marcellus tell Hamlet not to go with it because it could be dangerous, but Hamlet says that he does not fear death and goes with it instead. After the two leave, Marcellus says that they should follow him and Horatio agrees. The next scene opens in the battlements of the castle as the ghost and Hamlet enter. Hamlet tells the ghost that he won’t go any further until he tells him where they are going. The ghost the tells Hamlet to listen up. The ghost says that his time is almost up and soon he will be in flames(im