Hamlet and Saint Valentines Day. Essay

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Revenge is something that most people want to get when they have been hurt by another. Although getting your revenge makes you feel better it can also make you seem a little crazy. This craze can make you act irrational and eventually make you mad. In the play “Hamlet” written by William Shakespeare, Shakespeare makes the main character, Hamlet, seek revenge for his father which inevitable leads to his death. Shakespeare effectively shows us that revenge can lead to our own demise if we attempt to enact that revenge, but does that necessarily mean that we are mad?
In the play Hamlet’s father is killed wants his revenge to be precise and calculated. This is proven through his behind the scene actions and his satirical phrases. “ How strange or odd soe’er i bear myself (as perchance here after shaall think met to put an antic dispostion on, That you at such times seeing me , never shall- withehates encumbered thus, or this head shake, or by pronouncing of some doubtful phrase…”( Act 1 Scene 5 pg 74 lines 171- 176) THis qoute shows that his maddness is all an act in order to formualate his revenge. on Claudius. THis is shown that he tells Horatio that no matter how he acts dont say anything. “... It is not maddness that i have uttered. Bring me a test, andi the mater will reward, which maddness would(gmabol) from..”(Act 3 Scene 4 4pg. 206 lines 144-146.) Hamlet sees the ghost and when Gerturde says he is crazy he dreams it and even ask her to est him \, that he is compelety (sani.) Hamlet’s in depth thought and calculations make the act of his maddness so real that he will get his revenge in the end.
Seeking his revenge Hamlet eventually become the thing he denies the most,mad, or doesless, he .”... THat on the veiw and knowing of these contents should the bearers part to sudden death…”(ACt 5 Scene2 pg.302lines 46-48) Hamelet realizes his uncle-father’s trick and rewrites the letter that tells ENgland to kill Hamlet and instead tells Engkand to kill the people giving them the letter which is of course Rosencranz and Guilistern. “ Then livest. rpoet me and my cause aright to the unsatsified” (Act 5 Scene 2 pg. 330 lines 340-346) Hamlet is still sanin even after the tradegy that just occuredand he even stpes Horatio, his bestfriend, from from killing himself and HAlet tells him to tell fortinbras what really happened here today.Hamlet dies eventually, but he isn’t mad, he is in complete control of the situation and his own emotions the whole play.
An Argument that can be said is that HAmlet goes completly bonkers after Opgelia, his lover, dies. “ Pray you, lets