Hamlet and Uncle Poisons Essay

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3rd April 15, 2013 Is hamlet really insane? I think he’s not he’s just fouling the people around him but the act soon becomes no more than a act because he starts to question himself ‘though this madness, yet there is method in it’ he takes it just a lil to far because he is insane to revenge his father death. His uncle poisons his father than marries the queen (hamlets mother). Before hamlet kills his uncle who’s now the new king he wants proof that he did kill the old king. In doing so he puts on a play reenact the murder of the old king (hamlets father), to see how the new king acts during the play and sure he did act guilty so you could describe hamlet with insane, loyalty and revenge. The reason why hamlet is insane is because his uncle kills his father (the old king), but he’s also the kings brother, after he kills the king and becomes king he marries his mother who’s queen. Few days later hamlet sees a ghost that happens to be his father. The ghost tells hamlet what happened and who killed him and how they did it, so hamlet try to find proof that his uncle really did kill his father but while he’s looking for proof his uncle the new king is alsao trying to kill him in the process so he acts insane so it looks like his up to nothing but he’s really plain to kill the king and they all die at the end. Why hamlet is conserved loyalty? He is loyal to his close friends because he can trust them and he will be there in time of need . he is also loyal to his father and his family name . Hamlet