Hamlet: Canada and Wilfrid Laurier Essay

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The Golden Age of Laurier
Wilfrid Laurier was Canada’s first French speaking Prime Minister and because of this a lot of people like Wilfrid Laurier. The period of the Golden Age of Laurier was from 1896-1911. Now Wilfrid Laurier had many issues to deal with and one of Wilfred Laurier’s main issues was the Manitoba School Crisis. Now what the Manitoba School Crisis is when the French language was no longer supported in Manitoba which in turn led to a strengthening of French Canadian nationalism in Quebec. Laurier developed a compromise with Thomas Greenway, who represented Manitoba. They agreed that Catholic education would be permitted in public schools, and French would be used in teaching, but only on a school-by-school basis requiring there to be a minimum of ten French speaking people that lived in Manitoba.
Now Wilfrid Laurier had many issues and here is another one of them. The Alaskan Boundary Dispute. Now Canadians helped the British all the time and in the Boer War, but the Canadians would learn that in a global context, colonial concerns could be sacrificed by Britain. This happen in the dispute between the Canadians and the United States over the Alaska border. Alaska was bought by the Russians. Now Laurier saw this situation as an issue of national concern and the British saw a different perspective. In January 1903 the issue was done with.
Laurier did many things Laurier even proposed that money be voted for the creation of a Canadian navel force…