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Hamlet would not be a good king. Of course he has some good qualities and attributes of a king; however, he has some very inappropriate behavior. He is loved by his nation; he is intellectual, a student at Wittenberg University, and is a good soldier. However, Hamlet is a very obsessive, revengeful, indecisive, unstable and in some cases an over aggressive individual. He murders several people, cannot decide whether or not he loves Ophelia. Due to his irrational and violent behavior, it clear that hamlet, had he lived, would not have been a good king.
Hamlet, is a very obsessive individual. After the death of his father, the soon coming marriage of his mother to his uncle sets him in very strange feelings. On one hand, as Hamlet was still in mourning to his father, he expected his mother, the queen, to feel the same way and mourn with him to the great man. However, as his mother married Claudius, Hamlet’s uncle, the prince was gone through a shock. He couldn’t figure out how Gertrude could marry someone after the great man. Also, as the Ghost came and explained how Hamlet the King was murdered, the prince felt in disgust and hatred towards his uncle, the murderer of his father. As he was obsessed by the fact that his father was killed by Claudius, the whole play of Hamlet could be created. A king cannot be obsessed with everything that goes on, even if they are crucial to his family matters or his beloved ones or else he cannot rule the country.
Hamlet the prince is also a very indecisive, unstable and in some cases overly aggressive person. Once Hamlet says that his love for Ophelia is the only thing on earth that cannot be doubted, then he does something, which shows that he doesn’t really care about her. Hamlet’s unstable and aggressive character creates a tragedy. After he learns that some fights are given for pride from the Norwegian Captain, he starts his bloody scenes. He kills Polonius, Rosencrantz, Guildenstern, Laertes, Gertrude and Claudius. A king cannot kill everybody around him; it causes unrest in royalty, and in the country. First of all, a king must be strict in his ideas, he must clearly have ideas and stick on them. And secondly, a king cannot be very harsh as to kill everybody on the way of a certain goal.
The prince is also a very revengeful man. After Hamlet the King’s Ghost came back to tell how he died, Hamlet the Prince made a