Essay on Hamlet: Characters in Hamlet and Violence

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Violence in Literatures The role of violence is used in literatures to improve people’s situation in life, which leads to gaining respect and creating heroic characters. It is needed to advance the plot and strengthen the symbolic meaning of work. Violence is used as a means of creating and maintaining people's world, which is shown in literatures Beowulf, Hamlet, and Clockwork Orange, where violence is necessary to their way of life and is used in quest for respect and success. In the play Hamlet, violence is mainly used for revenge. After Hamlet’s conversation with the Ghost, his behavior changed and his madness led to violent actions. Throughout the play, his mood constantly changed, which caused him to delay his revenge. During his delay, his change in behavior caused him to take other violent actions and affect other characters. For example, the violence of Act III where Hamlet confronts his mother and kills Polonius highlights the important aspects of the story. It sets the play into action, changing his thoughts and causing him to have odd behavior. The scene demonstrates key themes in violence .which highlights the play. The scene begins with Hamlet verbally and physically confronting his mother. His mother fears his hostility, "Thou wilt not murder me? Help ho!” (Shakespeare 3.4.37) When the hidden Polonius makes his presence known, Hamlet blindly kills Polonius, whom he thought was Claudius which sparks the theme of violence. This scene is also essential to the plot and Hamlet's character. which highlights the play. Hamlet's decision in taking revenge attracts the readers and affects the characters in the play. Hamlet's mad behavior eventually led to violence including Ophelia and Claudius. His