Essay Hamlet: Dog and Puppies

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* The puppy eats every 5 to 6 hours, 3 to 4 times a day. The name of the food is BLUE for puppies we buy this food at pet-smart store. There are cups that indicate the right measure per serving but I think that half of a cup is enough. You should keep fresh water all the time, this water must be filtered,during the hot days you can add ice to the water the puppies will love it. * I recommend you to have a lot of toys so they can avoid going around the house biting things. * Do not leave food out the whole day for the puppy, at least for the first 6 months, until he knows that he or she depends on you. This will help you to gain their trust and fidelity from your puppy. * Before leaving Sasha (the mother) alone in the house we trained her little by little. First, we left her alone for 15 minutes with some food and a TV on; you can try this with some relaxing music. * We taught Sasha to go outside to do number 1 and 2 by giving her food(Breakfast, lunch, dinner) after every time she came back to do her 1 and 2. Perhaps, you can try with treatsright after she does her 1 and 2. * The puppies are not supposed to be washed the first 4 months but I think a vet will give better recommendations for this. I recommend that the first two baths should be done by a professional; this will avoid the puppy to be afraid of water. If you are planning to wash the puppy please use some cotton to cover her ears drums because they are easy to get water in. * While we eat, we never give food to Sasha to avoid annoying begging from her. Whichever one of us, after we finish eating, give Sasha a piece of chicken breast. This chicken breast can be just boiled and cut in small pieces. * Every time that sasha bit something that she was not supposed to bite like a wall or maybe a shoe, we rolled up a piece of newspaper and hit the item that she bit in this way you are not teaching her with pain. They learn fast because they already bit off the floor in our hallway but I did what I mentioned before and since then none of them are getting close to that corner. * Our Vet did not recommend feeding the puppies with any type of chocolate, or any sweets.
* With Sasha in order to avoid our house to smell like dog we wipe Sasha after every time she does number 1 and 2, we also wipe her paws after every time we come back fromthe outside; that can be done with a baby wipe and some hand sanitizer poured in, but this is only for their paws.Or we wash her paws at least once a week. * There are some wipes that can be used to clean her ears this can be done once a week, this can help to avoid unnecessary vet visits. Also, there are some drops that help to clean her eyes. *