Hamlet Eggs Claudius Essay

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Hamlet Prompt
The Hamlet written by William Shakespeare is a beautiful yet mysterious piece of work. After reading and watching this piece of work one can see that vengeance is the major theme that runs through this play. Prince Hamlet in the beginning is distraught over the death of his father who was the king of Denmark. He is also saddened because his mother married his uncle shortly after the death of his father. Hamlet is already suspicious and angry at the events that have taken place. He mocks the event when Horatio comes to say he was here for his father’s funeral: “I pray thee, do not mock me, fellow-student;I think it was to see my mother's wedding”(Shakespeare). This quote shows his anger about his mother marrying his uncle so quickly after his father’s death. His suspicion escalates to vengeance when Hamlet sees a ghost that resembles his father telling him that it was prince Hamlet’s uncle that has committed the murder and calls for vengeance for his life. The Ghost is seen by Hamlet and a few others so we know that it is not just a dream of Hamlet’s and the event actually happened. Hamlet wants to be sure of the kings offense before he kills him. So he sets up a play in order to do so. The play makes the king very uncomfortable and makes him leave giving Hamlet the assurance that Claudius was in fact the murderer. Hamlet eggs Claudius on by saying: “your majesty and we that have free souls, it touches us not: let the galled jade wince, our withers are