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Hamlet Final Essay This essay will talk about how people in history failed to recognize there consequences. It will also talk about how people recognized the consequences but couldn’t change the outcome. Then I will talk about lessons I learned from the play hamlet. Then I will say how my life reflects my beliefs and some conflicts in it.
One of the biggest consequences that a person failed to recognize was when the first ships came to the United States. There was no way King George the 3rd could have realized what could have happened sending people to a new land. Then when we fought the revolutionary war instead of sending his best soldiers he sent his 3rd best soldiers and that is one of the biggest reasons we won that war. Then on July 4th, 1776 King George wrote that nothing of great importance happened on this day and now we are one of the biggest super powers in the world today so he defiantly didn’t see his consequences. Another one that didn’t see their consequences was Napoleon when he went to invade Russia. He took his forces and attacked his way into Russia. He made it to Moscow only to see the city completely evacuated, see criminals running around and see the city burning, then he lead his forces to Kaluga where he could ransack it for his supplies only to see the Russian army. There was a battle and he lost thousands of men. He then returned to France where his consequences that he couldn’t see caught up to his and he was then exiled from France. One of the biggest consequences for the United States happened when the 18th amendment came into effect. No one could have seen what would have happened when it did no one knew it would start organized crime or knew it would start one of the things we watch today known as Nascar.
There are some people in history that knew the consequences of there actions but could change what had to be done. One of these people was the president of the United States in 1945, Harry Truman. He was the one to decide to drop the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He knew that when they were released it would mean utter destruction and yet he couldn’t change the outcome because the Japanese were being stubborn and wouldn’t surrender. There are a bunch of stuff that has consequences. The most major is you when you take medicine. From the medicine you can have side affect like kidney failure or drowsiness, or birth defects. We all know the consequences yet we still take the drugs to try to make us feel