Essay Hamlet: Hamlet and Detective Based Story

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Hamlets Ghosts, murder, and revenge

William Shakespeare, widely known for his magical yet mysterious way of writing was exposed often in the story of “Hamlet”. From the very beginning, readers are intrigued by the first appearances of the Ghost. From then on, the play transitions into a detective based story in hopes of Hamlet finding the un answered questions to his father’s death. As many characters try to achieve vengeance, many lives were lost as revenge began to take over. Shakespeare’s ability to create a story with multiple scenes of horror and revenge shows us why his dominance in writing was so looked up too.

Throughout the entire play, both hamlet and the reader are immediately drawn into the question of whether or not the ghost of Hamlet’s father was sent to destroy him, or if it truly was King Hamlet. As many may believe the ghost was sent from hell, many may also believe that the Ghost’s tale is in fact true. Determining Claudius’s guilt meant that Hamlet had to rely on Ocular, and dispose of the ghostly influence. The only question left, was if Hamlet was ready to take on revenge.

Before fully trusting the ghost, Hamlet must search for more evidence and information regarding his father’s death. As the first murder in the play was committed very suspiciously, many start to wonder if it was intentional. As Hamlets infuriated suspicion’s rise, Claudius begins to describe the death of Hamlets father. Commonly known as the play within the play, or to hamlet “The Mousetrap”, actors were hired to recreate the murder of his father in hopes of Claudius admitting to the horrible crime committed. Once Claudius openly folds to the pressure and the unwillingness to remain silent, he admits to murdering King Hamlet. The ghost is granted with Hamlets trust as the