Essay on Hamlet: Hamlet and Hamlet’s Feelings

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Hamlet is one of many Shakespeare’s classic plays. The typical tragic hero and the character’s problems and how they must solve them. What makes Hamlet different from all of Shakespeare’s other works is that not only is he a tragic hero; but the audience can’t pinpoint if Hamlet is the good or bad guy. Hamlet’s character is unclear to the reader because of his actions conflicting with his personality and because of this dissonance Hamlet, as a play, is what makes it different from any other play. In Act I and II Hamlet is just a kid grieving over his father’s sudden death and is heavy-hearted over his uncle and mother’s too soon marriage. Hamlet’s distaste for his uncle and mother’s situation and our sympathy for his father’s death give the audience the “okay” to let him be mad and sad, because as people we have compassion for situations like Hamlet’s. Hamlet’s situation makes him appear as a victim to us because so far he had done nothing wrong and since he is a victim in his situation we think of him as the good guy. When the ghost of his father appears and tells Hamlet he had been murdered and Hamlet decides to avenge his father’s death, the audience is sill understanding of Hamlet’s intended actions, because the audience can comprehend Hamlet’s feelings and emotions. As Hamlet plans the play based on the murder of his father pretending to be crazy, the audience is still understanding of Hamlet’s actions because in Act II Hamlet hasn’t completely lost his mind. As Hamlet gets more obsessed with avenging his father’s death the audience is still sympathetic for him, but the crazier Hamlet really gets the audience becomes more skeptical of Hamlet and how sane he is. The more Hamlet gets into his façade of acting crazy, by the time of the play, when Claudius had just run out of the theatre into his room, we see Hamlet transform into the crazy person he has been pretending to be. When Hamlet had the chance to kill Claudius he didn’t do the deed, he didn’t want Claudius to go to heaven if he killed him at that moment. By not killing him right then and there Hamlet tried to take on the role of God, which made him look evil to the audience. At this point in act III, Hamlet is no longer