Hamlet: Hamlet and Hamlet’s Passion Essay

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Hamlet Essay Prompt 3
The desire for revenge or a determination to redress a wrong can always interfere with one’s responsibilities. It interferes because he or she is so concentrated on satisfying that desire and you don’t take notice on how you are behaving. Hamlet would be an example of this desire because he is determined to avenge his father’s death that it interferes with his responsibilities being a prince and lover. Hamlet’s passion becomes a conflict throughout the play and that’s what sets the play. In the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, Hamlet is so determined to avenge his father that it starts to conflict with his responsibilities. An example of Hamlet’s passion interfering with his responsibilities of being a lover is how he treats Ophelia. Ophelia to Hamlet is an image of his mother. Hamlet has portrayed an image of an unfaithful woman towards his mom and throughout the play he portrays the same image towards every woman. He already had an negative image of his mother already, but it becomes worse when he discovers how his father dies. His responsibilities of being a good lover to Ophelia have rapidly changed because he is so determined to avenge his father’s death. Hamlet’s passion also interferes with his responsibilities of being a Prince of Denmark because he is not controlling of himself at this moment. When Hamlet is called into his mother’s room to talk about his behavior, there is suspicion from Hamlet that someone is behind the curtains.