Hamlet: Hamlet and Shakespeare’s Hamlet Essay

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Throughout Hamlet, the tale of a prince written by William Shakespeare, revenge serves a major role in developing the story. Not only does it propel the plot forward, but it also demonstrates the inner struggles of the protagonist, providing insight into Hamlet and the kind of man that he is. Hamlet’s quest is understandable, Shakespeare makes it apparent that in the end all that this bloodlust accomplishes is the death of almost everybody, mostly the people close to him. His goal for revenge changes Hamlet, and leads him to do things that cannot be reversed. So it would seem that Shakespeare’s Hamlet demonstrates that even when revenge is justifiable, its result is never favorable, and affects everyone in its mirth. From the start, Hamlet decides to dedicate himself to killing Claudius due to the instructions given by a ghost, a ghost of his dead father King Hamlet. King Hamlet tells his son, “revenge his foul and most unnatural murder,” (1.5.31) asking Hamlet to kill Claudius to repay the unnatural murder of a brother that the new king committed. At this point in the play, Hamlet embarks upon his journey for vengeance which marks the development of several key points in the play. Hamlet decides that he will pretend to be crazy because he thinks it will make his act of murder easier to accomplish. Due to this change, the play takes a sideways course and demonstrates the effects of revenge on love and relationship. Due to his “fa’cade” and his quest for vengeance,