Essay Hamlet: Human Voice and Loud Intimidating Instructions

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e and using the space and clearly identifying to the audience who i was talking to. I.e: when i walked in i mentioned the smiles on the families faces, therefore to be friendly with the family i knelt down and mimicked interaction with them. this helped establish where i was and what i was doing and gave a clear representation of how i was feeling at this point in my life.

His scariest and lowest point in life (in my opinion) was the capturing of the man. He had decided to cross a boarder (with a police checking) for both an attempt of escape from the authorities (after the authorities had raided the house of refuge and it was clear that people were after him) and an attempt to attend a whilst doing this he his partner they came across a road block. the car was searched and it was clear that he was hiding in the boot.

what i decided to do on stage: my intention was to make sure that the audience knew that i was scared. to to this i used lighting and my body. To do this i made sure my body was curled up into a ball and a single spotlight on my body showing the discomfort that i was in. what i had to work on: voice projection, since my vocal chords were compressed it is important to make sure that i am conscious that what i am saying is being heard. it was also made clear that in my words i don't actually describe the motions that i am going for. for example when i first described what was happening i was constantly describing how sad i was.…