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Hamlets’ Love for Ophelia The play Hamlet features many life lessons, tragedies, and common events that the average person would face at least once throughout their life. The love story between Hamlet and Ophelia is one of these life events throughout the play. Hamlet comes across as a man of many thoughts and a confused mind. Hamlet confesses his love to Ophelia many times, yet the audience is often confused weather he really loves her or not. I believe that Hamlet does indeed love Ophelia and just has a weird way of showing it. Hamlet is facing many troubles and conflicts both within him-self and with others while the story progresses, this I believe is the reason the affections that Hamlet would normally show towards Ophelia are mistaken or even often seem absent. Ophelia professes that she herself believes Hamlet loves her but others in the story find it hard to believe a Prince, who should be king, would fall in love with such a normal and “poor” young woman.

Hamlets’ Mothers’ Guilt? In the Beginning of the play we learn that hamlets’ Father has been killed, it doesn’t take Hamlet long to figure out that the new King, his uncle, had something to do with his fathers’ death. As all Kings’ do he marries the Queen Hamlets mom. Hamlets’ mother seems to be completely unconcerned that her husband has died and takes no time with moving the marriage forward and is married within just a few weeks of his death. These facts alone were enough to convince me that she was not completely innocent in the death of her husband. Later in the play Hamlet proceeds to try and show the kingdom that the King played some part in the death of his father. His mother catches on to his plan and tries quickly to silence his thoughts and even more so his words. She then becomes more evil in my eyes and becomes more of a possible key factor in Hamlets’ fathers’ death. Hamlets’ mother still loves Hamlet yet seems she loves the King even more, I do not think this is the case. In saying that His mother played a major role in having Hamlets’ father killed it seems she may owe the King some gratification, or even feels in his debt. She never once morns over the death of her late husband leaving Hamlet all alone when thinking upon his fathers’ absence. Hamlet calls the King out during a play that commoners put on. Hamlet rewrites a section of the play to describe his fathers’ death and puts it in words so that the King would have been the one to notice. When the king catches on, he immediate stops the play and persists that it continues no further. Hamlets mothers backs up the King and brushes the comments of Hamlet to the side. In these instances I