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Scene 1

Horatio- a friend of Hamlet. He is model of friendship and can always be trusted to give sensible advice and a honest opinion. Sometimes he is not so much a character as a choric figure, giving necessary information to the audience.
Barnardo- guard
King Hamlet- Father of the prince. He is now dead and we only see his ghost. But other characters and especially Prince Hamlet, speak of his courage and virtue
Marcellus, Barnardo and Francisco- watchmen in the dark winter night

The ghost of King Hamlet Senior is seen by Horatio and soldiers on guard-duty on Elsinore Caste in Denmark. Marcellus and Barnado urged Horatio to stand there and watch the apparition as they tell him the story of the ghosts lurking around for the past two nights.Horatio the believed to this ghost that keeps appearing. Fortinbras, the young Prince of Norway, now seeks to reconquer those forfeited lands. Horatio is skeptical, but then the ghost suddenly appears before the men and just as suddenly vanishes. Terrified, Horatio acknowledges that the specter does indeed resemble the dead King of Denmark, that it even wears the armor King Hamlet wore when he battled against the armies of Norway, and the same frown he wore when he fought against the Poles. Horatio declares that the ghost must bring warning of impending misfortune for Denmark, perhaps in the form of a military attack. He recounts the story of King Hamlet’s conquest of certain lands once belonging to Norway, saying that Fortinbras, the young Prince of Norway, now seeks to reconquer those forfeited lands.

Horatio speaks Latin and that he has to speak Latin with the ghosts because ghost speaks La5rtin.

Horatio is used to represent audiences perspective. But overcoming Horatio's skeptical assistance, the ghost gains the audience’s suspension of disbelief as well.

Scene 2


Hamlet- stubborn, pissed because his mother married his uncle just after his father's death- she doesn't like King Claudius because he took over his father's throne. - How Claudius emphasizes that he is thankful that Hamlet is there for him . Hamlet thought of suicide. - kinda good kid.

Claudius- kinda boastful – insincere and pretentious – controlling and manipulative – sarcastic – deep-thought old uncle

Literary Device
Everything that kills me makes me feel alive (Paradox)
Scene 3
Ophelia- nobility but not royal
Laertes trying to say that Ophelia shouldn't let her chastity be taken away by Hamlet.
Laertes is going to university. Polonius is talking about how Laertes should act in the university Polonius to Ophelia- Stay away from Hamlet because He has a bad moral. He is more concerned of himself and he is selfish. People's character doesnt match the clothing of the persons appearance. They might be a squander. Polonius shows negative opinion of Ophelia. Polonius hates Hamlet becuase he thinks that he is urge to sex. “iknowbetterthanyou”
Scene 4
-We're back to the battlement with Hamlet, Horatio, and Marcellus.
While waiting for the ghost, Hamlet and Horatio look through the windows of the palace at Claudius, who is carousing drunkenly. Hamlet is disgusted.
The ghost shows up, and Hamlet is freaked out. He wonders if it's a "spirit of health or goblin damned." Translation: Is this a friendly ghost, or an evil spirit sent from hell?
History Snack: What did Elizabethans think about ghosts? Well, it depends on the Elizabethan. When Shakespeare wroteHamlet, there was a whole lot of religious and spiritual confusion in Europe, what with the recentProtestant Reformation and England breaking from the Catholic Church under King Henry VIII. One of the ideas the Protestant Church rejected (in 1563) was the notion that spirits who were stuck in Purgatory, a place where sins were "purged," could come back and ask the living for prayers that would help them get to heaven faster. Basically, Protestants (and