Hamlet: Of Mice and Men and Final Reason , Lennie Essay

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An Unfortunated Loss The feeling of losing a bestfriend,not many of us have felt that feeling.But in "Of Mice and Men", George Milton has the unfortunated luck to experience this feeling.When he at the end of the story has no other option but to kill his bestfriend Lennie Small so he does not have to hurt anyone or get hurt by anybody.Many believe George is guilty but lets explain why this belief is wrong and why some believe Lennie is the guilty one in this case. My first reason,is that Lennie is a man with anger issues that he can not control by himself. He always needs help from somebody else from stopping him from hurting others. Example,Curley's wife screams while having her mouth shut with a hand[59]. Lennie says, "don't make me hurt you"[59]. This shows that Lennie had a choice to do right or bad. In this case he chose to do the bad thing. Lennie also demands to Crooks saying "Who hurt George?"[72] By demanding this to Crooks,Lennie scares Crooks so he tries to calm Lennie down but he fails because Lennie calms himself down in a hurry.Meaning Lennie could hurt anyone if he wanted too hurt them. Another reason,Lennie seems to distract himself on purpose. I mean he can remember what to do to get to tend the rabbits but he can not remember to do anything good? Seems really suspicious,Some understand Lennie is slow but he should be able to do the right thing. "I done another bad thing"[103]. This shows Lennie understands he has done a bad thing but he can not do anything about it anymore."What pup,George? I ain't got no pup[42]. George evens know that Lennie got the pup on him. Lennie is not fooling anyone."Where you get them bruises on your face?"[80] Curley's wife even suspects Lennie after the fight,the reason why you ask, Lennie forgot to make a different excuse and uses the wrong excuse making everything seem like a joke. Final reason,Lennie has the same knowledge as George does if you think