Hamlet: Royal family and Hamlet Questions Fortinbras Essay

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Hamlet and Fortinbras share in many similarities and differences. Hamlet is the main character and Fortinbras barely appears but each is equally important. Both are young princes who have lost their fathers and have uncles who assumed the thrones of their perspective countries. Both vow revenge but achieve it in very contrasting manners. The character of
Fortinbras helps understand the themes of mystery of death and the corruption throughout the play. Hamlet spends the almost the entire play searching for absolute truth of how and who killed his father. He even changes his demeanor in his attempt for the truth. Even though he achieves the knowledge he was seeking without a doubt, he then procrastinates as to how to proceed. He tries to think things through but fails to pin down his next actions and sits on his hands. Hamlet looks up to Fortinbras. He calls him “a man of action” and “a tender prince”.
Fortinbras is ambitious and acts on reason, not emotions. He is willing to risk his life for his honor. Hamlet questions Fortinbras reasons for attacking and Poland and whether or not he thought it through it first. Fortinbras like Hamlet thinks about his options and his actions but then follows through with them unlike Hamlet.
Hamlet has a major flaw in his perception of Fortinbras in that he fails to see that he holds a grudge against Hamlet and wants to rule Denmark. He gains that power when he visits and realizes everyone in the royal