Hamlet Sanity Or Insanity Analysis

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Insane or Tormented

The little arrow on the clock ticks every second that passes by. What if the little arrow stopped one day and ticked counterclockwise? For the reason, the clock is a symbol of Hamlet's sanity. He lived in a peaceful world where his father was alive and his mother was happily married to his lovely father. Furthermore, the world where his conscience and mental health was ticking happily. However, when his father died and his mother married his father's brother. The world he once knew in his heart stopped ticking and the little glass timer commenced for his sanity. Hamlet is very talented at deceiving others and does it so well that he even shockingly convinced the audience, he slipped into insanity. Besides, Hamlet has a
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Both of them were communicating while, the ignorant Polonius was behind the fragile tapestry listening to every meaningful word he can hear. In hope, he can later report to the king. Hamlet heard a pandemonium behind the tapestry, which disrupted the conversation. He stabbed the tall insubstantial tapestry, as well as injured the paranoid Polonius. After he finished stabbing the wounded tapestry, he asked if it was the king he had stabbed. Identically, this displays Hamlet pivot to teleology, which is the not being solicitous about the action that will happen to accomplish the goal. After Hamlet found out who he has injured, he spoke unkind words to Polonius as he lays there dead. This was an example when he went insane and it concluded with him killing someone in cold blood. This does not mean Hamlet is insane. Hamlet is doing his best to help his mother from falling into his uncle's arms. This means that he will do anything even kill to protect his mother. Hamlet requested his mother to not sleep with his abhorrence uncle after the murder of Polonius. This means he cares about what his mother and his uncle are doing. A madman does not care about others. Hamlet cares about his mother. He does not want his mother to fall a compacted innocent subject in this petty fight between what is righteousness right and erroneous wrong. However, his …show more content…
King Claudius did not think logically about his plan to kill his brother and take everything of his brother's possession. Claudius did have a plan to kill his brother but he left tracks and was traced back to him. He is defined as teleological ethics. Teleology means that the actions do not justify the end. King Claudius did everything he could to take his brother's crown but he ended up being killed by Hamlet. He did not care what he had to do to take the kingdom. He did what he desired even if it ended with him killing his own brother. Hamlet is the opposite. He follows deontology ethics, which means that the actions matter to get to the goal. There is a difference between Hamlet and Claudius, besides their age. The creative Hamlet, throughout the whole story, thought about every step he was going to do to find out if Claudius did kill his father. First, he decided to go mad. Second, he requested the play to be played. At the end of all of his actions, Hamlet has tried to achieve. He finally killed his uncle. However, the resulted in the death of his mother, Laertes, Claudius, and Hamlet