Hamlet: Sanity vs Insanity Essay

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As stated by Ms. Turk, "If a person in a rational state of mind decides to act crazy, to abuse the people around him regardless of whether he loves those people or hates them, and to give free expression to all his antisocial thoughts, when he starts to carry out those actions, its it possible to say at what point the stops pretending and starts actually being crazy?". In Hamlet by William Shakespeare, the way others interpret Hamlet's behavior is different from the way Hamlet views himself. Hamlet is in a situation where his sanity is turning into insanity. He is like one of those people who tell so many lies that they start believing their own lies. Hamlet's acting is so vivid to him that, unconsciously, his state of mind has become …show more content…
After Hamlet's encounter with the ghost of his father in Act I, scene v, that was the beginning of the downfall of Hamlet's sanity. For Hamlet's audience, the question of his sanity vs. insanity is a question that has been asked for hundreds of years. The answer depends on the person and the way in which you view Hamlet. The question of Hamlet's sanity or insanity is viewed differently by all. While Hamlet believes he is perfectly fine and in a rational state of mind, the play and the way the characters and his audience view him is that he is insane. Due to his words and actions, we are able to come to the conclusion that after his father's death, that was the beginning to his end. After he saw his father's ghost and the truth of his death was revealed and revenge came into play, Hamlet's sanity crumbled and led him to his own