Essay about Hamlet: World War Ii and south Korea

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Good morning, my name is Holly. I am the Chairman Of The House Armed Services Committee. I am a lawmaker in the senate; I am not in the president’s cabinet. I am here in the case that military action is taken or war breaks out, I would be trusted upon to give permission for action. I therefore should be involved with the decision making for the crisis in Asia, I will not tolerate nuclear proliferation, I strongly recommend strengthening military deterrence. Sending troops onto the DMZ would help monitor the development of nuclear weapons. We would be sending the message that we are not going to stand by and let them produce nuclear weapons. There are already 100,000 American soldiers in the region. By sending more troops to the already 100,000 is a loud clear message of how serious President Seymour is about stopping the spread of nuclear weapons. Sending more troops into Asia would also mean more bases would have to be constructed. This is an expensive choice but this should not alter your opinion since South Korea and Japan could help foot some cost in return for protection.
After attending the Presidential Cabinet meeting my opinion of what action to take changed completely. I originally believed to send more troops, but I was convinced that the best idea would to be reducing troops. South Korea already has 12 million dollars’ worth of military artillery. If we were to reduce our troops this could allow North and South Korea to try and sort out their own problems. There are already nearly 100,000 troops on the DMZ. While we are reducing troops I still believe we should take action of implementing negotiations, such as: inspecting their nuclear facilities, no further production of weapons and South Korea changing position of the American nuclear weapons they have. The USA should still stand by and be prepared if anything were to occur. I don’t believe any other method would work because they…