Hamlet essay on emotion, fate and reason

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Losing a loved one can take a harsh hit on one’s frame of mind. In the Shakespearian play Hamlet, the death of Hamlets father caused many problems, all of which eventually lead up to the tragic death of Hamlet. Each event that happens in the play is impacted by reason, fate and emotion. The events throughout the play that lead to hamlets downfall are determined by the roles of reason, fate and emotion. These three roles are key factors of the play. Reason plays the role of advancing the plot, especially when hamlet devises a plan to reassure the predication of his father’s ghost. Hamlet speaking to himself devises a plan, “For murder, though it have no tongue, will speak with most miraculous organ. I’ll have these players play …show more content…
They have dealt with me like thieves of mercy, but they knew what they did; I am to do a good turn for them…These good fellows will bring thee where I am” (IV.VI.l-14, ll-17-20, l-24). This event in the play is highly unlikely to happen in the real world. The assumption is Shakespeare using fate to save Hamlet and send him back to Denmark. Hamlet going back to Denmark leads him into Claudius and Laertes’s plan to kill him, which leads hamlet to his downfall. Fate is used again in this unlikely plot. Emotion plays a large part in influencing the choices hamlet makes. As soon as hamlet is told by the ghost that his father was murdered by Claudius he eagers out “Haste me to know‘t that I, with the wings as swift as meditation or the thoughts of love, may sweep to my revenge” (I.V.ll-29-30). Hamlet’s strong love for his father cause him to be in shock and outraged when his father’s ghost tells him that his father was murdered by Claudius. Hamlet would have taken the ghost as an illusion or being unreal if it was not for his strong feelings for his father and his death. Throughout the play he juggles the idea of revenge, when hamlet decides to go through with his revenge, it backfires and causes Claudius and Laertes to take action and which ultimately leads to his downfall. This is the emotion Hamlet portrays throughout the play. Another role of Emotion